Looking for a dose of the Word of God?

Currently our Bible studies and Worship services, are not available online.  Join us in person on Thursday and Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings at the times listed below. 

Sunday (June-August)

  • 9:00am Sunday Worship
    (1st/2nd Sunday - Traditional)
    (3rd/4th Sunday - Contemporary)

Sunday (September-May)

  • 8:00am Sunday Worship (Traditional)
  • 9:15am Adult Bible Study
  • 10:30am Sunday Worship (Contemporary)


  • 6:30pm  Adult Bible Study


  • 10:30am  Adult Bible Study

Bible Study Topics

Sunday Morning: "Households of Faith" - 9:15am (weekly)

Wednesday Evening: Topics vary - 6:30pm (reconvening after Easter)

Thursday Morning: "Life By His Word" (Books of the Bible) - 10:30am (weekly)