Ready to return to in-person worship services?

So are we! To facilitate safe and responsible services during Covid-19, we are asking worshipers to register for worship ahead of time. This is so we can make sure:

  • To observe capacity (50%) and social distancing guidelines.
  • To provide a means for contact tracing should anyone become infected with Covid-19.

How do you register for worship?

Register through Signup Genius. The appropriate link will be emailed to congregants every week and will also be made available here.

  • Signups will be available one week at a time, opening by Noon, Monday.
  • For congregants without access to the internet, please contact our Reservationist, Kim Becker at 612-760-5599, to make a reservation.

Online worship will still be available for worshipers who choose to remain home and/or if capacity is reached.


We look forward to seeing you soon!