Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Lord of Glory has always sought to:

1. Deliver God’s gifts of forgiveness, love and mercy and follow God’s commandment to “remember the Sabbath.”– Ex. 20:8-11, Col. 3:16, Heb. 10:25

2. Honor earthly authorities so long they do not call for us to obey God’s commands. – Ex. 20:12, Matt. 22:21, Rom. 13:1

3. Love our neighbor (5th Commandment) – Ex. 20:13, Matt. 22:39

In a fallen world, this isn’t always easy.  In difficult situations, we make changes and do things for a time in ways that are new and maybe uncomfortable. As a church, we have through prayer, study and many discussions, done our best to always love God and love our neighbor. This remains true as we move worship indoors on September 13th. We’re excited, but also know that things will look and feel different. Just know that we are here and available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. 

As Lord of Glory moves indoors for worship, here is how it will go:

1. Worship will continue to be made available online

2. You will register for worship through October 18 so that we can make sure: 

a. To observe capacity (50%) and social distancing guidelines are observed. 

b. To provide a means for contact tracing should anyone become infected with Covid-19.

3. How to register for worship:

a. Register through Signup Genius through our church website or, for congregants, through the link emailed to you every week.

b. Signups will be available one week at a time, opening by Noon Monday.

c. For congregants without access to the internet, please contact Kim Becker, our Reservationist, to register by calling 612-760-5599.

4. The Narthex (double) doors will be open as you arrive for worship (weather permitting).

5. Signs will be posted reminding you of:

a. Social distancing practices (a minimum of 6 feet between people not of the same household). Markings on the floor will indicate appropriate social distancing throughout the building. 

b. Required use of face coverings to enable and encourage you in your participation in worship, especially singing. Coverings will be available if 

c. Encouraged use of hand sanitizer (stations throughout the facility).

d. Encouraged limitation of the items to touch while in the building.

e. Encouraged to not touch people from other households, even in greeting.

6. You will be greeted at the Narthex doors by a greeter and record/confirm your attendance. 

7. You will be ushered to your seat by an usher. Bulletins will be available. No hymnals will be available.

8. You will be seated to accommodate six (6)-foot social distancing according to household..

9. The offering plate will be positioned in the Narthex at the usher's desk for you to leave your offering before or after the service.

10. After service, when the Lord’s Supper is not celebrated, you will be dismissed by the ushers.

11. While in the facility, you will be encouraged to limit traffic to the Narthex, the sanctuary, and the bathrooms (in emergencies only). 

12. On weeks when the Lord’s Supper is celebrated, the Service of the Sacrament will be conducted after the Benediction. Four households will be welcomed to the Communion rail at a time where Pastor and Vicar/Elder, after sanitizing and while wearing face coverings, will distribute the prepackaged Communion kits. Once your household has received Communion, you will depart the sanctuary to your vehicle.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Portions of the facility used will be cleaned after each service. Cleaning supplies will be used in accordance with the CDC’s “Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting.” 


  • All volunteers who pass objects to you will wear disposable gloves and masks.
  • The vocal worship leaders will remove their masks during the service.
  • Keep your jackets with you, rather than hanging them up.
  • Children’s “busy bags” will not be provided.
  • Children must remain with their responsible adult.
  • Ventilation will be maximized, opening windows and doors, as weather permits.
  • Volunteers will be trained each Sunday as needed an hour before worship.


Because of the increased precautions necessary to make an indoor in-person worship service viable and safe, our Worship Team will consist of the Pastoral team (1 or 2); Musicians [Traditional: organist (1), Contemporary: pianist (1), singer (1-2), sound technician (1)]; MediaShout technician (1); Elder (1); Ushers (2); Greeter (1); Cleaning crew if necessary (3+).

Who should attend an in-person service?

1. We rejoice to welcome everyone back, but we ask that each person:

a. Conduct a self-check and worship online if you have symptoms of Covid-19. (Symptoms can include fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, headache, muscle pain, sore throat, or loss of taste or smell. Other less common symptoms include gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.)

b. Worship online if you have a household member experiencing symptoms compatible with Covid-19 or have been exposed to anyone diagnosed with Covid-19.

c. Worship online if you are at a higher risk for severe illness.

2. If you begin to feel unwell during service, you should leave immediately and worship online until the allotted time for self-quarantine has occurred and you have been cleared by a physician to return to normal activities.

3. If after attending service, you are diagnosed with Covid-19, contact the church immediately.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

In His Love,

Pastor Marty Mably