The Lord's Supper is a vital part of our lives of faith and, as God's people, one which we should regularly receive.

The Lord’s Supper will be celebrated during worship on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month, we have returned to non-prepackaged communion for distribution during worship. Plastic cups will be used and disposed of as we did with prepackaged communion. Standing, rather than kneeling, will continue.

If you prefer to receive the prepackaged communion or receive the Lord's Supper individually, appointments are available by contacting me by email at or call or text me at (763-259-8168). We will be following all CDC guidelines as they apply. If you or anyone in your household is sick or showing any symptoms similar to COVID-19, please contact the church office and DO NOT come for your appointment.

In His Love,

Pastor Marty Mably